We are Ser y Crecer

In its 40+ year history, Boys Hope Girls Hope has built a strong, viable and relevant network of 16 affiliates serving more than 1,200 young people in the US and Latin America.  Ser y Crecer (Boys Hope Girls Hope of Mexico) has been part of this extraordinary organization since its inception.

Ser y Crecer selects young people in need with grit, determination and motivation.  We work with them from their critical adolescent years all the way through college and into the launch of their careers.  Our program model helps surround them with a nurturing, high-expectations environment where they receive the resources, skills and encouragement to achieve their goals and dreams.

Our goal is to graduate well-educated, young people who are physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically prepared for college, career and life.



To nurture and guide motivated young people in need to become well-educated, career-ready men and women for others.


Fundamental and distinctive characteristics of our organization:

Academically Focused
Long-term and Comprehensive
Faith Inspired
Voluntary in Nature


Currently, Ser y Crecer supports 231 adolescents and young people at the secondary, high school, and university levels.
58% of our population are women.


Ser y Crecer, an affiliate of Boys Hope Girls Hope, follows the Boys Hope Girls Hope program model while operating as a separate 501(c)(3) organization in Mexico. As such, Ser y Crecer is responsible for its own fundraising, program management, and community outreach, and is governed by a Board of Directors in Mexico. Founded in 2008, it was consolidated thanks to a group of people with a common goal: to prevent school dropouts and to promote society educationally.


Ser y Crecer begins operations. The first Mexican location is consolidated, offering a residential program for boys and young men in vulnerble conditions in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area.


The Ser y Crecer Academy Program began with the aim of providing workshops and activities for boys and girls to strengthen academic, personal and social skills.


Ser y Crecer restructures residential program due to the health contingency caused by Covid-19.  With collegians displaced from college campuses, the residential program opens its doors only for university students of legal age, and the Academy Program migrates to virtual learning.


The Ser y Crecer Board of Directors and team leadership collaborate to ensure mission fidelity, financial stewardship and transparency. Together, these professionals are committed to continuous learning, effective programming and improvement through impact evaluation and innovation.

Leticia Lara

Executive Director

Stephanie Klose

Director of Latin American Programs

Vivian Mendoza

Latin American Program Advisor


Federica Sada Alanís, President

Bernardo F. Sada Alanís, Treasurer

Hernán Saldivar Maldonado, Secretary

Rogelio Berlanga Coronado, Commissioner

Pilar Barrera De Zambrano

Alejandra Cortés De Milmo

Eva Sandler De Drucker

Kristin Ostby de Barillas

Bárbara Herrera De Garza

Francisco Garza Egloff

Jorge Arce Gama

Eduardo Padilla Silva