Our program broadens the definition of family to include the community charged with guiding our youth toward the best versions of themselves. Ser y Crecer provides holistic services to foster growth in our scholars and to cultivate their innate resilience.


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We support our scholars from adolescence through college graduation and beyond, offering a holistic spectrum of programming that evolves with the age and needs of youth.

The Ser y Crecer experience includes:


  • Development of academic and social skills.
  • Psychological therapy
  • Secure your education by being an active student at a local secondary, high school, or university educational institution.
  • Development of short, medium and long term goals, vocational guidance, personalized tutoring, emotional, spiritual and academic support.
  • Extracurricular activities and opportunities, including a volunteer and social service focus.
  • Planning for high school and college, tutoring and mentoring.
  • Networking with professionals, students and alumni of the Boys Hope Girls Hope network in Mexico, Guatemala and the USA.

Residential Program for University Students

We house young university students of legal age, providing them with a home, food, academic scholarships, counseling, psychological therapy, and a healthy environment for their personal and professional development.

This provides a dignified space in which our students of legal age can have better access to their institutions, receive our services, live with other students and create support networks for their future.

Online Academy Program

We provide adolescents and young people with different workshops and online activities in order for them to develop skills that allow them to improve their academic achievement and have life skills.

This develops academic and social skills through our workshops in English, mathematics, Spanish, leadership, robotics, psychology, art, and music in order to prevent school dropouts and improve the educational achievement of students.

Collegian and Alumni

We want our collegians to graduate with a university or technical degree and make a difference in their lives, those of their families, and in their communities.

We stick with our collegians and alumni to help them develop a critical sense of family, work, and personal success as they integrate themselves into their community as valued citizens.

Education for Parents

We provide biweekly online sessions to the parents of our scholars, focused on parenting, positive discipline, support, etc.

Through our parental courses, we offer emotional support to families, psychological therapy, and provide various supports derived from their socioeconomic intake.


At Ser y Crecer, we seek to benefit the population that lacks the necessary conditions for a dignified life, providing tools that motivate and guide them in comprehensive training and academic development to be citizens of service to their community.

We have two pathways with which we provide opportunities to adolescents and young people to exercise their right to quality education:
the Academy and the Residence.

The Academy Pathway is an online program in which we offer academic mentoring and advising, so that middle school, high school, and university students to develop skills that allow them to reach their maximum academic potential.

The Residency Pathway provides food, basic services, education, home, access to health services, and clothing to students of legal age.
We have extra activities and supports to help our families to have better practices for accompanying their children. Our School for Parents offers biweekly sessions in which we provide topics focused on positive parenting.

We invite you to know the admission criteria for each of the two pathways here:

My Road

My Road is Boys Hope Girls Hope’s innovative online learning experience which consists of a journey of activities, assessments, and benchmarks that ensure scholars are developing academically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually in preparation for college, career, and life.

The Boys Hope Girls Hope Network

There’s power in numbers.  As a part of the Boys Hope Girls Hope Network, our scholars benefit from programming, resources, partnerships, research, scholarship funds, and shared best practices.  Our program uniquely offers a combination of deep local impact and the benefit of diverse international perspectives and interactions.  Our scholars, collegians, alumni and team members come together with other impact-driven individuals, maximizing opportunities to share, support, solve problems, and serve.

Our Network includes Boys Hope Girls Hope Network Headquarters and 16 affiliates in the US and Latin America.  All Boys Hope Girls Hope affiliates ascribe to the same research-supported Program Model and Theory of Change.  We’re proud of the support, and connections we receive from our Network!


Si usted desea conocer a detalle nuestros Estados Financieros o Aviso de Privacidad, por favor solicítelos al siguiente correo: [email protected]


Si usted desea conocer a detalle nuestros Estados Financieros o Aviso de Privacidad, por favor solicítelos al siguiente correo: [email protected]


Si usted desea conocer a detalle nuestros Estados Financieros o Aviso de Privacidad, por favor solicítelos al siguiente correo: [email protected]